Barefoot Blonde

For the longest time I had an extreme fear of people seeing or touching my feet, and other peoples feet touching me.  Even if an adorable babies feet were one me, I would completely freak out.  I didn't even have my first pedicure until I was 21!  I'm so glad that I've grown out of that fear because I can have pedicures, and I'm able to show off these amazing barefoot sandals. (I would have never posted a picture where my foot is so prominent!!) Recently barefoot sandals have been becoming more and more popular and you typically see them for destination weddings.  If you're getting married on the beach, or are even just attending the wedding, these would be stunning.  Pack a pair of fold-up flats in your clutch (you won't even have to take these off) for areas you don't want to be barefoot and you're set.  I didn't want to make this look too bohemian so I paired them with this simple dress.  These are SO fun to frolic around in and they even make a little jingle ;)

All images are Lady J Memories

Dress/H&M Similar  Under Dress/H&M Similar  Belt/Urban Outfitters Similar   
Barefoot Sandals c/o Barefoot Sandals By Iris  (These are customizable.  I would follow her on Instagram where she posts all the time and has a lot of different styles! :) )

Have a wonderful weekend! <3 Rachel

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  1. I've seen these pop up recently and I wonder how one would wear them. I don't think they would be appropriate for the streets of NYC (ew) but definitely the beach would be a great place! I also wonder if you could pair these up with a pair of standard shoes and how that would look?

    Shian | The Fashion Investigator

    1. hahaha I wouldn't wear them on the streets there either! I thought these were cute with a very thin strapped flip flop. I've seen them paired with heels and they were cute, but the 'sandal' (and heel) should be really simple to do that. I'll probably just stick to the beach. :)

  2. cute barefoot sandals blonde