Echoed laughter

Feeding the ducks this week and tubing for the 4th of July, these last couple weeks have been wonderful doing things that I haven't done since I was a child.   It really is about the little things.  Recently, because two gummy vitamins aren't enough to fill the need...I even bought fruit snacks for myself!  I'm a lover of fruity, gummy snacks, and these are SO good and aren't full of additives.  As I'm writing this I'm munching on a pack, because it's not something I can talk about and not indulge in.  I think everyone should do/have something that reminds them of their childhood this week.  Even if it's as simple as fruit snacks.  I can guarantee it will at the very least make you smile.  I couldn't stop laughing when I was feeding the ducks!  My clutch is even big enough to fit a couple slices of bread for them. :)  
For a solid 2 years I was eyeballing the Clare V. clutch, but couldn't justify it.  Somehow I came across Linmade on etsy and immediately ordered from her.  The only thing I don't like about it is that it has no inner pockets.  I like one, small pocket on the inside of clutches so cards are easily accessible.  (I usually don't carry a wallet in a clutch)  Minor issue aside, this clutch is amazing and really well made.  Because it is neutral leopard print i find that I can pair it with just about anything.  This specific one is linked below, but she also has several other styles and TONS of prints, including at least 10 different styles of leopard.  Something for everyone <3

All Images are Lady J Memories

Dress/Bar III  Similar   Clutch/Linmade    Necklaces/James Michelle Karma&Hammered Bar  Wedges/Steve Madden(old)  Similar   Duck Food/Heels of DKB

Thank you for reading!! xo Rachel

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  1. Cute dress! Love your necklaces! =)

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    1. Thank you!! She's a local designer and her stuff goes with everything!! :)

      xo, Rachel