Are designers copying fast fashion? Favorite Mules!

Typically, fast fashion retailers such as Zara are accused of ripping off designs of high-end brands.  While there is truth to this, you never hear the opposite.  Zara is a global brand worn and loved by everyone.  A-list celebrities, models, and the most famous fashion bloggers are consistently seen wearing pieces or even full outfits from the brand.  It's impossible to read a magazine or article on fashion sites, like WhoWhatWear without seeing the brand pop up.  Naturally with all of the recognition, their sales are on fire.   What brings me to this, is the shoes I'm wearing!  These Zara shoes came out last Spring and are not available anymore.  When looking for dupes to link up, I found an almost exact for Spring/Summer 2017 from the designer Chloe'.  Apart from mine being suede and theirs being a normal leather, they're almost identical down to the gold plated accents.  Crazy! I thought it was interestsing for a designer to take designs from a fast fashion retailer (it makes sense) versus always hearing about designers being copied.

These shoes are very comfortable and go with almost everything!  The orange is bright enough to add an interesting pop to a relatively simple outfit, yet subtle enough to go with an already bright outfit! I found an affordable version that is somewhat close to mine, unless you want/can spend $900 on  exact dupes.  

Thanks for reading! xx, Rachel


Topshop Double Strap Cami
Nixon 'The Sentry' Watch
Rebecca Minkoff 'Julian' backpack 
(My version has fringe and is old, but you can find a used one here. 
Vigoss Skinny Jeans
Cork Mules- Zara 2016.  Similar VersionDesigner Version.

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