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Some mornings you wake up and just aren't feeling it.  At first, this was one of those mornings.  I had my hair up in a messy bun, a plain sweatshirt and these pants. Then I asked myself, why not spend the extra few minutes it takes to make it more interesting.  When you look good, you feel good.  Plain and simple.  I recently watched a YouTube video by Mimi called 'change your look, change your life'.  The message is so simple, put in the effort.  We all have those lazier days, or we want to 'save' a certain item of clothing for a special time.  Simply put, don't save it.  Dress up everyday! You'll feel  more confident, and you'll probably receive some compliments too!  It always feels nice to hear compliments. :) I live in a smaller town that is very casual, and I didn't always feel comfortable wearing pieces a little more fashionable. I'm 5'8 so I didn't always feel comfortable wearing heels either.  Not anymore.  When I do dress different, I embrace it.  It sets me apart from the crowd, and people always notice.  It's nice to be appreciated for the work I put in, and it's part of the reason I love fashion as much as I do.  If you have a few minutes, and need the extra inspiration I would check out her video. (I linked it)

  I mentioned in a previous post that I didn't have a very good experience with the Michael Stars panama hat.  It looked amazing in all of the pictures I saw, but when my arrived it wasn't up to par and I ended up returning it.  Kelly and Glenn at Michael Stars saw that I had a bad experience and contacted me.  They truly believe in their brand and I was fortunate enough to be able to pick something out from them.  I actually picked two somethings :)  The amazing jacket that I wore in this post, and this awesome sweater.  I have been on the hunt for a jacket that was mixed materials, and this totally fits the bill. A leather jacket is something every single person needs in their closet.  I use my arms a lot at work and  full leather can be too constricting when they're fitted so that's why I had my heart set on this style. It's fitted, and has the edgy leather style but my arms can move however much they want.  It's perfect! I apologize in advance for how much you will be seeing it.  I haven't been able to wear my sweater yet because the weather is still gorgeous! (no complaints here)   I'm guessing my hat was just defective, because the quality of both items is amazing.  If you're in need of the perfect fall sweater I would check out the one I linked above.  They run true to size, I ordered an XS in both.  Check below my outfit details for other great fall picks from them!

Hat H&M(sold out)  Similar  Similar

Jacket c/o Michael Stars

Tank Top (H&M old)

Necklace World Market 

Pants Target 

Thank you so much for reading! :)       xo Rachel

Michael Stars is made in the USA. :) Their entire collection is a capsule of timeless pieces that can be mixed and matched all throughout the season(s).  Here are some other great fall staples that I love!

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