Mixing textures

Happy November! The last weeks of fall are upon us and the holiday season is quickly approaching!  Time always seems to go by incredibly fast once Halloween passes by. I hope that you all had a wonderful and safe Halloween.

 I love mixing different textures.  I'm sure you've heard almost every other fashion lover say it, fall is the best fashion season.  You can have so much fun with it.  It's always been my favorite season.  The weather is gorgeous and beautiful, but your outfits can be the most creative.  As long as you have all of your basics covered.  (I'll have a basics post within the next week.)  If you're a hat girl like myself, I'm sure you get just as excited to whip out your hats.  Beanies, wool floppy hats, fedoras, baseball hats with various textures.  <3  This black beanie is one of my favorites.

In the fall my style evolves to an edgier style, with a little bit of a boho twist.  This dress (it's a tunic on me!) is so amazing.  The back is completely open and only the body is lined, but because my tights are fleece lined its plenty warm on a 45degree day.  My cozy black beanie helps too. ;)  If you are a leggings lover and live in a warmer climate, you must purchase a pair of fleece lined leggings.  SO cozy and warm!

Crochet Tunic/Dress (Urban outfitters-old) Similar  Similar

Army Jacket (Old Navy-old) Similar

Leggings   They're only $10!!

Thank you guys for reading, Happy November!      xoxo Rachel

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