Frayed Sundown

So many of my pieces make reappearances on my blog.  That's because I love everything in my closet.  One of my friends and I hosted a huge closet sale a couple of months ago and I did a major clean out.  Since it's still the new year, I encourage you to all do the same.  Getting dressed is a lot easier in the morning when you love everything that you have.  Even though I wear so many of the same pieces, my outfits rarely look the same.  It seems counterintuitive to say this, but it's easier to switch it up when you have less.

Onto the outfit, I just scored these sunglasses for $6!  It wasn't until I started blogging that my sunglasses addiction started.  They have huge impact, and of course all of the protection is an added bonus.

I don't show these booties on my blog too much, but they are the best.  I've NEVER worn a more comfortable shoe in my life.  They even beat out Nikes and Uggs for comfort.  That's saying something.  I linked them below, and I also saw a few pairs for a great deal on EBay so be sure to check there!

All images are Ian Smythe Photography

 Boots Kork-ease 'Marlo' | Large Silver Ring James Michelle

Thank you guys for reading!  xoxo Rachel

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  1. These photos are stunning. You are so chic! Those booties are pretty much everything


  2. Simple and chic! Love your jacket! Great photos too!

    xx, Elise

  3. Wonderful shooting!
    Have a nice week!
    Photographer Gil Zetbase