Gift ideas for your Valentine!

I have one of those faces that reads exactly what I'm thinking/feeling.  As hard as I've tried to change that, it's just part of me.  Long story short, I'm a very grateful, but picky person.  When holidays come around and presents come, I'm exactly like Rachel Green.  So for all of you out there that also have picky people in your lives-I present you with a list of gifts (and tips) to make sure your Valentine will love what you choose.

Cheesy no, Classic yes.

There are SO many cheesy Valentines gifts.  I'm not a fan of cheesy.  Classic flowers and chocolate are always great gifts.  Chocolates in the heart shaped boxes are usually gross.  9/10 times there is only one of those chocolates that is worth eating.  The rest all get nibbled on and thrown into the trash.

 If your Valentine loves chocolate, get them chocolate you know that they would love. 

For flowers, you can't go wrong.  I think it's sweetest when you take a little extra time and include their favorite flowers though.  

Jewelry-definitely on the classic list. I can't give you any tips on what to choose though, because everyone has different taste.  Classic studs or a simple diamond necklace are a great choice for most of us ladies though.  

Pinterest Boards

If you're a man, look at your ladies pinterest board! Most of us have some sort of 'wish list' board.  

Pinterest is also an amazing source for finding thoughtful gift ideas.  These are my favorite!  You don't need to spend money at all.  Nothing beats a homemade card.  <3  I have a pet rabbit named Ellie, and every now and then my boyfriend will make me a card that's from her.  They are my favorite!!!!! 

Check out this board for some great thoughtful ideas.

Practical Gifts 

I like to make little bags/baskets with some of my guys favorite things.  Favorite snacks, usually a pair of fun boxers, and some practical things that maybe he forgets about on a daily basis.   This is where a subscription to the dollar shave club would be fun!  I know my man always forgets to get new blades until hes using it....and then forgets again, and the cycle continues haha.     

Massages are always amazing.

A gift certificate to one of there favorite stores.

You can always circle back to missed gifts from the Christmas list.

 Valentines day is about showing your love and appreciation.  You don't need to go out and spend a lot of money.  Just spending the day together and doing something sweet for them (as simple as a card) is a great way to say "I love you".  

I hope that you all have a wonderful day with your significant other, your family or  gal pals!  

Happy Valentines Day! <3 Rachel


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