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I've been awful at blogging the last week and a half, but my home office is looking pretty spiffy.  My computer is a VERY old apple, but before I buy a new one I wanted it to go into the office deserves.  Mission accomplished.  It feels so amazing to go through and get rid of stuff.  After I finished my office I went onto other areas.  I'm the proud owner of about 10 shades of the same nail polish color, and got rid of the rest.  Last night I started going through the pantry.  I found an unopened bag of pistachios tucked into the corner from 2011!!!  So gross.  I felt pretty guilty seeing the amount of food I was throwing away.  NEVER AGAIN.  Now everything is organized, and easy to see.  I've been weekly food planning which is a big help on not wasting food.  

Onto the outfit, I love my flat black OTK boots, but sometimes they're a little too harsh.  These grey ones are perfect and since they're heeled I feel a little less 'pretty woman' with a lighter color.  Because I'm showing leg, I wanted to keep it a bit more classy so I had a long sleeve dress.  To tie into everything together I added my favorite skinny scarf.

 All images are Lady J Memories

Scarf Free People | Shirt Dress (Old)  Similar here & here. | OTK Boots Ivanka Trump 

Thank you guys for reading! xx, Rachel 

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