Cool Yule....almost

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As it's the middle of December, I'm listening to a lot of Christmas music.  My favorite song 'Cool Yule' my Louis Armstrong came on when I was contemplating what to name this blog post.  Which led me to look up the meaning of a 'Yule'.  It was something completely different than what I originally though.  A yule in short is a celebration of the winter soltice.
For 2016, Yule starts next Wednesday and ends on January 1st.  There you have it, your maybe something new for the day.
For todays outfit, I paired one of my favorite summer dresses with liquid leggings, and my favorite faux leather Moto jacket.  I linked this jacket below and you can see it's true beauty on my photos versus online.  It doesn't show nearly as much detail on the Nordstrom's website.  Thank god clothes always look worse in stock photos or I would probably do way too much online shopping, plus it doesn't take away from an in person shopping day!  My shoes I got during the spring Zara sale and I did a little crafting with them.  If you can find them online, they have an awful fringe that goes over the laces and makes you feet look 10x bigger than they actually are.  Simply cut off most of it, but leave enough so that you can fold under the flap and no one can see you cut them.  Not sure if that makes sense, but it you happen to find them just shoot me a DM on Instagram (@ragtrends) and I'd be happy to give a more in depth tutorial.

Hope your December and Holiday Season are going smoothly!  xo Rachel

Lace up dress (Exact one is old)
Lace up platform loafers are an old Zara style that a I DIYed.  
Similar styles: here here & here

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