Snowy Favorites!

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I'm an Oregonian.  My winter averages to be about 6 months long, and I've seen it snow it July.  It's fair to say I know a thing or two about snow, and how to dress appropriately for it.  Today I bring you my list of winter must haves that aren't frumpy and boring.

1.) Beanies!
Even if you've only seen two blog posts in total from me, chances are that I'd be wearing a hat in one of them.  Baseball cap, fedora, beanie, it doesn't matter.  I don't discriminate against hats.  <3
Hat enthusiasm aside, beanies are necessary in winter.  Through the blizzards, wind and hail, they will keep your head toasty and you will look great.  
Some of my favorite places to shop for beanies:
Love Your Melon  This brand has a large unisex selection and they're a wonderful company that donates 1/2 of the profits to a selection of non-profit partners of theirs.
Target  The hat I'm wearing in this post is from Target!  They have affordable, well-made beanies.  The only thing to watch out for is the band.  My head is on the larger side, so it's important that the band stretches so it stays comfortable and doesn't lose shape.  Typically if it has a small band like this or this the band will not stretch.  Look for bands that have a chunky knit like this or a seamless edge like this for the most comfortable & flattering fit.  
My other favorite place to buy beanies are from surf/skate shops and local boutiques!

2.) Snow Boots
You can't tell in this picture because we had so much snow but I'm wearing these!  I love them.  Waterproof, comfortable and have amazing grip to safely get me across icy parking lots.
Sorel is my top snow boot recommendation and they've never let me down.
Here are some other styles on my radar:
If the snow has calmed down and it's just cold, Uggs are a great option for cozy feet.  I would 100% spray them.  My favorite protectants are by Collonil.

3.) Coats
Ahhhh coats.  They are beautiful but take up so much space.  I'm probably a full blown jacket addict because they don't take up as much room, and are functional for 90% of the year.  Coats aren't.  Despite having long winters, I do no want to take up precious closet space with coats. Therefore, you do not need more than 4.
A puffy, warm go-to. (pictured in this post). Great options here.
Your waterproof, wind-proof semi light coat that you can layer under.  Along the lines of these.
A dressy pea/wrap coat.  Options for every style here.
Your fun coat.  For me, it is the fuzzy white coat that I wore here.

My 2 cents on the top 3 things you need for winter, how to shop for them, and my personal favorites. Obviously you will need other clothing for winter, but as long as your head, feet and core are warm, you're pretty set! ;)

If you ever question wether or not a beanie is going to have a band that stretches, feel free to drop me an email or contact me though my Instagram (@ragtrends) or Facebook.

Thank you for reading!

xo, Rachel

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