Mothers Day Experiences!

I'm a little late to share this, but I still made it before Mother's Day!  If you're lucky enough to live close to your Mom, I'd recommend sharing an experience with your mom instead of the typical gifts.

For my Mom,  I'm taking her to Breakfast, and then we're going to see the movie 'Snatched'.  It looks so funny!  Hopefully they didn't put all of the good parts in the trailers, I hate when they do that.  Last year I took my Mom to the movies for Mother's Day and we did a little shopping and ate some food.  Even though I live so close to my parents, I don't see them a whole lot so this is always a fun way to spend the day together. :)

Other options are to take her for a Spa day and get Mani/Pedis or massages.  You can always get her some yummy bath salts to take home!

Last idea of mine is to go on a hike and grab lunch or pack a picnic.  If you want to give her something, a quality water bottle is always a good gift!  Hydroflask is a popular option, but my personal favorite is My bkr.  

Have a wonderful Day with your moms and Happy Mother's Day to all you beautiful Moms!


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