I was so glad to have found this warm corner where the sun radiated through the glass.  I would say that in most places, you can look outside and get a pretty accurate read for the weather.  It's not quite that way where I live.  The sun is almost always shining (which I love) but it will look like its 65 degrees outside when it's really only 35!  Today was kind of like that.  It wasn't so cold that I needed to add on more layers, but it would be very easy to if need be.  Sheer tights and thick over the knee  socks would still keep the look sexy, but very warm.

I have a major crush on all Stuart Weizmann over the knee boots.  Especially the 50/50 and lowlands.  At this point  I can't justify the price of the them though, but I am very happy with my alternate H&M ones.  I've had them for about a year and have worn them SO much.  I'm on the taller side, and I also have thin legs so it can be hard to find over the knee boots that actually go over the knee without being huge that are in my price range. They no longer carry my flat version but they do have the same boot in a low wedge! :) I dare say that might even be better!

Recently I switched my purse to a  cult fashion favorite.  The Rebecca Minkoff mini mac.  I love it! It fits everything that I need on a daily basis and forces be to clean it out regularly.  Which is good, because then I can't win those bachelorette/wedding/baby shower games by having 19 lip products in my purse.  Yes that actually happened.... :p 

All images are Lady J Memories

Outfit Details:

Sweater- Dailylook (sold out)  Similar

Skirt- Urban Outfitters (old) Similar  Similar

Boots- H&M(Flat not available) Same in wedge here

Thank you for reading!!  Hope you're having a wonderful weekend.   xoxo Rachel

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