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 The last couple of months I've come to realize that having a hot cup of coffee (or iced tea) in the morning can significantly improve my mood.  I work with customers on a daily basis, and while I'm always nice, it's so much better when I start the morning with some caffeine!!  Not only am I more productive, I also find that I don't get irritable and am more chatty with people. :)  This might be old news, but I'm new to the caffeine every morning routine.  Try starting the day with caffeine and see if your morning is totally different.

My favorite drinks are:

From Home:

This black nespresso pod, over ice with half & half.

Plain drip coffee with cream and sugar.

QuikTea cardamon chai
(It comes in pouches that you mix with water.)

Various teas-usually without anything added. 

From Starbucks:

A tall soy cinnamon dulce latte, with 1.5 pumps(normally comes with 3) and no whip.

A venti iced black tea, with no water and 4.5 pumps.

A trenta iced green tea, no water, no sweetener.
Sometimes when I get home I will add about 2 tsp of half & half.  I went into a very authentic Japanese restaurant and their iced green tea had a little bit of cream added.  It is SO good. 

Starbucks drinks typically are too sweet for me, and I don't add any water to my tea because as the ice melts it's perfect.

What are your favorite caffeinated drinks?  Let me know in the comments below! <3

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