8 Spring Essentials

8 Spring Essentials

It's time for another 'basics' post, today I'm talking about 8 items that are spring staples! If you haven't read my year round post of basics, you can read that here.  All of these items are essential for my spring wardrobe year to year.  Later I will do a post on 2015 spring trends.

1. White Blazer/Jacket
The easiest way to brighten up a look for spring is by wearing the color white.  Typically, Spring is still a bit chilly so you need a jacket.  I love wearing a white blazer, because its easily pulls together a look and it's classic. 

2. Floral Print
It doesn't need to be a shirt per say, you could have floral print pants, skirt, scarf, jacket-the options are endless.  Just having a pop of floral print somewhere.  It's a cheerful print, and pairs amazing with stripes.  The key to print mixing is making sure the print size is the same.  If you have a small floral print, pair it with a thin stripe.  Big flower=big stripes.  The only time this rule doesn't really apply is when mixing the same type of print.  Large striped pants can be totally chic with a thin striped top.  (Make sure the colors are similar, if not the same.)

3. Stripes
The same idea with  floral print goes with stripes.  Striped options are endless! Jackets, shoes, tops, jacket, pants and skirts!  Stripes just say spring to be, maybe it's my inner sailor or something. 

4. White Jeans
So essential!  Like I said before, adding white is the easiest way to transform looks for spring.  I find that white jeans run smaller than normal jeans, so keep that in mind if you're shopping for them online.  It might be more that they show everything so it looks better when they're not skin tight.

5. Sunglasses/Fedora
These are both round basics, but I encourage you to experiment with new shapes/colors for spring! 

6. Turquoise Jewelry
This is also great year round, but I find this color especially beautiful against white...and I wear a lot of white in the spring. :)

7.  Brown strappy sandals
My favorite is a brown sandal with a chunky heel, or wedge.

8.  Espadrilles
SO comfortable.  I'm loving the flat espadrilles that target carries.  I rave about them here.  Espadrilles are not something that are worth investing in.  Typically the sole is jute rope, which can get worn out easily.  Plus if you were to get them dirty, they're not at all easy to clean!
I hope you found this helpful, and gave you a little spring shopping inspiration! <3
 xo, Rachel

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  1. I know it's not quite spring YET, but I always love being inspired by clean fresh fashion. Every spring I look forward to the "hunt" for new spring staple pieces.

    1. I'm the same way! I hope this was helpful for you. :) I'll be coming out with '16 Spring trends in about a month!