14 Year Round Basics

Today I'm sharing with you my top 14 Basics.  These are all items that can be worn casual to dressy, spring through winter.  In order to build a wardrobe, you need to have your basics covered.  It is also a lot easier to transition through the seasons with these key pieces, all you have to do is change up some accessories and add or remove some layers!

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1. Basic t-shirts
V-neck, crew neck, scoop neck, black, white, grey.  Whatever flatters you the most.  My personal preference is white and grey slightly baggy v-necks or loose scoop necks with pockets.

2. Skinny jeans
A dark denim wash is the most versatile.  They can be dressy enough to wear in the evening and still completely casual with Converse and a basic tee.

3. Leggings
Basic black.

4. Simple camis
I have a million white and black tank tops.  It is also nice to have tans and a couple in your favorite color!  It's nice to have a red, green, mustard etc. on hand. If your boobs are on the smaller side, and the built in bras work for you, use those tank tops! For me, those do not work.  So I always buy a thicker strapped tank top so that my bra strap is concealed.  I also suggest having a couple of basic colored tunic length tank tops.

5. A leather jacket
If you don't own a leather or faux leather jacket, this is a must! They add instant edge to any outfit.

6. LBD
You've heard it a million times, but it really is something every girl should have in her closet.

7. Button down with slight hi-low
A regular button down is great, but if you can find one that is slightly longer in the back then go with that. Having the extra length in back makes it great for wearing with leggings! This works with other bottoms too, because you can easily do a half tuck in the front without it looking sloppy.

8. Chambray shirt
At some point I might have to dedicate an entire post to the chambray shirt.  In the warmer months, this can be your jacket.  When it's slightly cooler it can be your shirt.  It can always be another beautiful piece to layer.


1. Watch
Gold or silver, whatever your cup of tea is.  My most worn watch is a Michael Kors over sized rose gold watch.  My silver watch is a beautiful Tissot that is very classic.

2. Sunglasses
Instant chic.  Puffy eyes?  Doesn't matter.  Dark circles? Doesn't matter.  Didn't sleep at all? Doesn't matter. No makeup on?  Doesn't matter.  Sunglasses hide everything! They also protect your delicate eye skin, which is most important.

3. Fedora
Fedoras are an effortless accessory with huge impact. They go with every style from bohemian to classic, and make your LBD or jeans and t-shirt a lot more interesting.


1. Black pumps
These are a classic piece.  If you're investing in a pair, I would stick to something that is classic.  Either a slightly round or slightly pointy pump. I would stay away from something that is over 4 1/2 inches tall and/or a large platform.   If you aren't investing, Target always has a great selection! 

2. Trainers
Even if you don't go to the gym all the time, they're great to run around in every now and then to give your feet a break! Plus, they can make an outfit street chic. 

3. Booties
If you can only have one, let them be nude & slightly pointy.  These will instantly elongate your legs, and they will go with EVERYTHING.

These are the 14 pieces that I view as year round wardrobe staples.  I also think that these work for every body type!  I definitely think that certain seasons have their own basics as well.  I'll be updating those throughout the year. :)  

For the exact item details, you can visit my newly created polyvore. Thank you guys for reading!


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