Most Worn

Most Worn

Most worn hat ever.  I think I would cry if I ever lost this.  The shoes are my most worn too.  (But I wouldn't cry if I lost those because they're easy replacements ;)) Hats are extremely hard for me to find, or I should say I'm extremely picky about them.  In my town there aren't a whole lot of places to find hats, so I resort to online and it is so difficult because models heads are a lot smaller then my own.  Sometimes they make them look A LOT nicer in photos too.  For example, a couple months ago I looked into the Michael Stars panama hat that's been popular this summer.  It arrived a little mashed, and was very cheap looking.  $1 cheap looking, not $55.  There have been several other instances too.  My advice:  make sure you order from somewhere with free returns. That was my hat rant;) The dress I got at the amazing store 'Second Chance'.  It was a lucky find, and it awesome! Second chance is like a very organized consignment shop.  Hope you all are having a wonderful day.  I will have the outfit details below.  Sorry I've been gone for so long.

Love the high cut away neck!

Outfit Details:

 Hat (UO old) Similar  Similar 
 Sandals (Target)  Similar

Thanks for reading! xox Rachel

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