The boyfriend look

The Boyfriend Look

This look is boyfriend inspired, though not by mine.  If I was in shorts, a t shirt and flip flops it would be inspired by him. ;) I've said it once, but I'll say it again....these jeans have been the best investment.  I love them so freaking much.  I recently tried on a more traditional pair of boyfriend jeans, and they were a total no go.  Not a fan of the whole saggy butt look.  Having pants that are loose on the butt is totally fine, but not so much that it looks like I have a droopy diaper.   My shirt is just a classic white  button down, and I bought it one size up so I can use it a few more ways than if it was fitted.  I'll do a post in the future on different ways to wear a white button down!  If you don't have a white button down, I highly recommend getting one.  It's a classic piece that will remain in your wardrobe forever.  Mine is a very affordable one from H&M, but you can find them everywhere.  Since my jeans,watch and blouse are all over sized, I chose to wear my blue suede shoes to polish the look.  Heels always dress a look up, but especially when your bottoms are on the looser side.  

Blouse- H&M

Jeans- Mavi (My color is sold out) Similar color to mine

Shoes- Nine West (TJ Maxx) Similar  Similar  

Watch- Michael Kors 

Thank you so much for reading!     xoxo~Rachel


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